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We’re a product growth agency for startups and small to mid-size enterprises. Our mission is to modernize your business so that your team can execute your business strategy and operate effectively.

Growth & Marketing

As an emerging brand, you need to build your product, raise awareness for it, drive traffic to your site, and acquire new customers.

We support your product growth strategy through competitive research & analysis, defining your product roadmap, demonstrating your product to customers, and distributing product related content through paid digital media. We’re your one stop shop for bringing new software solutions to market.

Development, Operations & Support

To scale your business, first you need to win over your customers by providing better-than-expected customer service and second, the ability to scale this process.

TKO Solutions standardizes your business processes so that you can have the best practices in place and a playbook written that is tailored to your business. We write technical requirements and coach your team through process of building, launching, and communicating change across teams.

Solutions for the modern enterprise

Deciding on the right system for your business is only one of a few challenges that you face as a business owner and operator. Making the right decision about the technology you choose and how your team uses that technology to support and grow your business.

We’re passionate about helping small business owners through each phase of identifying, implementing and supporting an omni-channels sales organization.

We’ve helped teams identify solutions and opportunities for growth, implemented point-of-sale and eCommerce systems, and have built custom apps for startups and F500 companies.

We provide you with the blueprint you need to operate an omni-channel sales organization by:

  • Implementing eCommerce and marketing technology
  • Providing technical operations and customer support
  • Producing the creative content and management digital advertising campaign

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